Giara’s team offers consultancy services aimed at improving furnishing solutions. The ability to customize each individual accessory is an equally important aspect: made-to-measure handles, knobs, knobs and pull handles.

The relationship with the designers
Giara is aimed at individuals and professionals in the field of design, proposing accessories for windows and furniture of absolute value, with exceptional technical peculiarities. The team is always available to provide information, documentation, specification sheets and everything necessary for the architect or interior decorator to be able to make an informed choice of the most suitable product for specific design needs.

Installation of window fittings
Consultancy in the choice and also in the installation. For products that require assembly and adjustment, just follow the instructions provided by the technical staff – through scheduled meetings, telephone or e-mail assistance for the procedure to be simple and quick.

The products of the KLEIS collection, after a careful manual check carried out by specialized personnel, are individually packaged in jute bags. The choice to use this natural, biodegradable and 100% recyclable textile fiber fully reflects the eco-sustainability values ​​that the Frascio family has always wanted to instil in your business.

Bronze and britannium objects must be cleaned with a soft, delicate, damp cloth slightly with specific products for silverware. For any doubts, the Giara staff is available to provide further information.

Quality certifications

ISO 14001 is an international standard with voluntary adherence whose certification takes place under the control of external operators. To comply with it, a specific company policy on environmental matters must be defined and the activities, procedures and registrations envisaged by the requirements of 14001 applied and maintained, including the reduction of waste (water consumption, energy resources, etc.).

ISO 9001 is a regulation aimed at the continuous and constant improvement of the company, with the aim of optimizing the organizational structure. It is a strategic choice for companies that want to increase their production, reduce costs, become more aggressive on the market and increase customer loyalty. ISO 9001 is the best known and most used standard for quality management systems worldwide.